El vera: 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

5 Tips Before Buying Jeans

Jeans is a fashion item that is always there in every year. The material is strong makes us often wear pants. To be always comfortable to wear and fits with the body, we should consider the details before buying.

1. Adjust with Body Shape Us.

The body is tall and thin, can use a variety of models such as jeans from wide culottes to the skinny. However, if the body is short, you should wear jeans or a basic straight, tapering at the ankles. This is so short body remains proportional and not "sink".

If our bodies have wide hips, you should select a model that has the form of hip jeans. However, if our body shape straight or boyish like Victoria Beckham, choose jeans that are straight or basic.

2. Notice Material

Do not buy the jeans are made from very thick or stiff, as it will limit our movement. Moreover, if the jeans fit perfectly on the body. Choose jeans that are made from lightweight materials and a bit of stretch. Jeans will be very interesting look when worn on the body fit. Not too loose and not too tight.

3. Adjust the Waist

If we have a flat stomach, you may only choose low cut jeans with a piece, that piece below the hips. In contrast if you have a fat belly, you should choose jeans that falls at the waist waistline. If you choose jeans that falls at the waist, note also the rear rim. Rear rim should not be left "gaping" but should be 'close' waist perfectly. How to see it is to look in the mirror standing sideways.

4. Note Yarn

Jeans are good terihat was wearing jeans with a strong thread colors to suit the color of the jeans. But avoid choosing jeans that have a white thread, because the jeans also over time will grow 'elastic' because of frequent use. If the jeans to be 'stretched', the white yarn will look clear.

5. Color Jeans

Choosing the color of jeans is n our respective tastes. Blue jeans, can be used in semi-formal event with matching blouse and a cropped blazer. And, colored jeans 'faded' more fitting if used for leisure only. Now, not only colored blue jeans, but many colorful. Jeans that have an in-print motif are also many kinds. Choose a course that suits our character.